Renaming Childtracks –> ParentTrackname_ChildTrackname (20180917)
the brutal way, these two (same code, different names) renames selected tracks : results in foldername_trackname , it renames all selected tracks

this renames selected tracks and renames like above only if the track is not a folder itself

this unmutes the first track and set transport to run
or mutes the first track an set transport to stop


i freed the SLAX from SonicAnomaly from functions
and duplicated a dialbutton to 8 of them (value1 to value8)

as there is no real function but it is graphically responding
you can do some parameter-modulation with other effects

it uses the slax_gfx, so it’s best to put it into the same folder
as the Original SLAX (reapack is obligate here
and SonicAnomaly’s repository

All credits to SonicAnomaly

LOSERs saturation js enhanced with a volume slider to calm it (volume stolen from COCKOS volpansmoother

or another one, somehow simpler but more complex

here you find a little tweak for the Virtual Playing from Paul Battersby (obey licensing)