Renaming Childtracks –> ParentTrackname_ChildTrackname (20180917)
the brutal way, these two (same code, different names) renames selected tracks : results in foldername_trackname , it renames all selected tracks

this renames selected tracks and renames like above only if the track is not a folder itself

this unmutes the first track and set transport to run
or mutes the first track an set transport to stop


JSFX controlling something with midi

desc:cc volslider
//bobobo:2022 jan 25
//this sends a midi volumechange when the slider is changed
slider1:0<0,127,1>cc 7 midi vol (0-127)
ccold !== cc?( ccold=cc; shot=1;):(shot=0);
shot==1?( midisend(0,  0xB0,7,slider1));

someone had problems controlling input volume via envelope (an input fx has not too much connections to the REAPERs guts)
i made a controller script to deal with this (I salute the FX Builder of the original script)
you get a volume slider in a trackFX , controlling a slider in InpputFX as well.

read here

i freed the SLAX from SonicAnomaly from functions
and duplicated a dialbutton to 8 of them (value1 to value8)

as there is no real function but it is graphically responding
you can do some parameter-modulation with other effects

it uses the slax_gfx, so it’s best to put it into the same folder
as the Original SLAX (reapack is obligate here
and SonicAnomaly’s repository

All credits to SonicAnomaly

LOSERs saturation js enhanced with a volume slider to calm it (volume stolen from COCKOS volpansmoother

or another one, somehow simpler but more complex

if you are in urge to fix the trackenvelopes height you can use
this lua-script

Mousewheel with CTRL on TCP in/decreases all including the trackenvelopes
running the script before nails the track envelope height so to envelope won’t change in height while mousewheel+CTRL on TCP

sometimes it can happen that items will overlap or covered
the chatgpt has known a solution as scripts , get them and load them in REAPER
show covered items
show overkapping intems

here you find a little tweak for the Virtual Playing from Paul Battersby (obey licensing)

AKAIMidiMix at your hand and don’t know what to do with it?
Look at the AkaiMidiMixDubVersion

videoprozessor stuff